W2RDX CW Skimmer

This is a link to the CW skimmer that RDXA is hosting.


The receiver is a software defined radio and the antenna is a ground mounted 40 meter ham stick with 1 ground radial.The receiver was built by Tony Parks, KB9YIG and purchased and donated to RDXA by Sean Logghe, KB2CKN

We will be leaving this run for debugging purposes at my home QTH in Fairport, Grid Square FN13GB until we set it up at the AWA.

My thanks to Larry, W2LB for his help for several hours in helping debug the system this afternoon. We have made it almost foolproof (we hope). It is set up now so that if there is a power failure or a need to reboot the computer, it comes back up, runs CW Skimmer and sends out the spots to the Reverse Beacon Network without any human intervention.

Also, thanks to all who have donated equipment and a future thanks if you are going to donate any of the remaining needed items.

Paul K2DB


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