2023-24 Club Officers and Constitution

President:  Chris Shalvoy – K2CS

Vice President:  Mark Hazel – K2MTH

Secretary:  Bill Rogers – K2TER

Treasurer:  Michael Sanchez – KM2B

Board of Directors:
Lynn Bisha – W2BSN
Doug Stewart – N2BEG
Rus Healy – K2UA
John Hall – AC2RL
Dave Halliday – K2DH

Field Day Chairman:   Bill Rogers/Doug Stewart – K2TER / N2BEG

DX Chairman:  Chris Shalvoy – K2CS

Contest Chairman:  Charlie Kuhfuss – WB2HJV

Web Master:  Chris Shalvoy – K2CS  

News Letter Editor: John Hall – AC2RL

Banquet Coordinator: Gayle Shalvoy – N2TWI


The Official Charter (Constitution) for the club can be found here.

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