2012 – RMSC Videos

This is Jonah who came to the museum with his uncle (email included) and as luck would have it (along with a couple phone calls) worked his uncle Eric, VE1BMJ in Nova Scotia along with a cousin on 40 meters.  Jonah had a blast and wound up filling an entire page in the log and spent about 2 hours plus on the air.  He didn’t want to stop.

Dear Doug, Jonah and I can’t thank you and your club members for the great experience Jonah had with all of you. He is extremely enthusiastic and is talking about “when I get my license” non-stop. A word about who’s who: Jonah was with his Grandfather (me) and was speaking to my brother Tom (VE1BMJ) up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Again many thanks. We’re looking forward to a permanent Ham station at the Museum. All the Best. Winston Gaum.

Per log…Jonah was operating from 1803Z until 2007Z and logged a total of 23 QSO’s.

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