ROC City Net

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder and want to extend the invitation to come join the local gang on HF & VHF.  We all gather on 145.11, and you can usually find an RDXA member monitoring at almost any time of day or evening.

Wednesday evenings @ 20:00 EST the ROC City net meets on on 3.825 (+/-). Itʼs an informal net, no round table, no waiting for your number to be called. We all  just check in, and if there is someone you would like to make a QSO with just call re-check and net control will let you make your contact. Itʼs a great way to check adjustments you have made, either equipment; antennaʼs or maybe even that new wave file. This net is not limited to the Rochester area, we have had check ins from all over, EMA, PA, OK, NJ, NLI, DE and ME to name a few; if you need a check from someone more than just across town. Itʼs just another great way to foster
fellowship besides being on the 2m repeater. We look forward to seeing everyone next week on the net.
Net Control

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