E-Mail Reflector Guidelines

RDXA MAIL LIST GUIDELINES (Updated 10/21/2022)

The primary purpose of this list is to provide a forum for the club’s objectives which are promoting and nurturing friendship among members.

If a post does not contribute to one or both of these objectives, then it is most likely inappropriate. Under no circumstances can your post be political, contain any direct attacks or snide comments directed at any list or club member, or contain any profanity.

1. You must be a member and be subscribed to the RDXA list to post to it. Any postings sent to rdxa at rdxa.com from addresses different from the ones it shows as subscribers will be rejected. Any club member in good standing can be a subscriber and post from a single or multiple e-mail addresses.

2. At present, the list supports attachments.

3. RDXA does not overly restrict the subject matter on this list, please remember that its primary focus is on the club and operation in general. Other ham radio topics are OK, but please keep the posts on unrelated topics under control.


Restrain the urge to email someone admonishing them about a posting. The last thing we want to do is to scare anyone off the list. Overly aggressive postings and negative comments about other posters only serve to diminish the value we all get from the club.

Enthusiastic differences of opinion are fine, but please keep everything cordial. Members who verbally attack another via the list will be moderated or removed from the list.

5. Commercial postings are discouraged unless they clearly contribute to the club’s mission of promoting friendship among members. Please keep them as short as possible and provide web links to more detailed information. The moderator will step in if someone is abusing this privilege.

6. Personal attacks, flames, or strongly worded derogatory messages will not be tolerated. Please do not criticize postings by others.

7. And above all, HAVE FUN! We hope that this list is both a good resource and serves as an RDXA community gathering place.

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