Membership & Dues Renewal

Annual dues for full members is $25.00.

Annual dues for family members, full-time students, and members living outside the State of New York is one-quarter the annual dues of a full member, or $6.25

Membership renewal can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1) By logging in to your PayPal account. Send the membership dues to the RDXA PayPal account at “treasurer @” (please remove spaces).

2) By writing a check. Make it out to RDXA and mail it to our treasurer. The treasurer’s address can be found at the end of the current RDXA newsletter.

The Treasurer will notify the Membership Chairman who will then update the membership database and the membership list elsewhere on the website.

Any other questions can be directed to the Membership Chairman.

Ole Sparky

If you thrill to the chase of rare DX, if pushing yourself and your station to the limits in contests is your game, if you are an “armchair” DX’er or contester, if you find the challenge and work of Field Day operations exciting, if you want to share your enthusiasm and hard-won knowledge in these fields with like-minded amateurs, then you belong in the Rochester DX Association.

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